About Tates Creek Motors KY

Tates Creek Motors KY

Our philosophy is simple ( and its become that way through a ten year experience ) Our clientele need a reliable and affordable car not necessarily a fancy car that's expensive to maintain As a result , you will find that most of our inventory consists of japanese and american vehicles not so much european even though we always have 3-5 of those We specialize in vehicles under $5000 though we have several that are over $10K as well but the majority is definitely under $5/6K We have a good mechanic and we do not have sales people working for commission It's just myself (Constantine ) and one more awesome Veteran Simon and his son Patrick and his good friend John all of us are foreigners though we all have lived in US for over 25 years each and we love this country We try to work with our customers and have become friends with a lot of them which is just great I can go on and on but its time to get to work now :)

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